Responsive Video in Your Blog

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It's simple to embedd video content into your blog without it needing to be a fixed height and width. Use the markup below to make your video responsive.
<div class="embed-responsive embed-responsive-16by9"><iframe class="embed-responsive embed-responsive-item" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="">

Rapid Sprout Blogging, Live Folder Integration

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 It's possible to integrate live data from any Rapid Sprout folder into Rapid Sprout's blog engine. Pagination is integrated along with the ability to view folder entries in real-time. This means you can quickly bring any live content to your blog visitors since the folder design is completely customizable. It's also dynamic as any new entries will automatically appear without any additional effort from the author. Below is an example using my own recipe folder.

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The Rapid Sprout Team

Welcome to Rapid Sprout

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Rapid Sprout delivers a rich toolset to make you and your team more productive.


The dashboard provides you with a snapshot of real-time information. Since this is the initial landing page you'll be up-to-date immediately. Look for more exciting panels to show up here.


Teams were designed with the idea of allowing groups of users to collaborate with each other. Teams are integrated into calendaring, messaging, and surveys.


Using the calendar to keep team members in sync or use it for personal scheduling. Since teams can be assigned a folder use it to collect information from a calendar event. There is also your own personal calendar for private calendar events.

Folder Form

With our folder forms you can collect, manage and track virtually any type of data. Arrange your folders into groups by assigning them to your own categories. Share folders with your team or individual Rapid Sprout users.
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Folder Layout

Whether starting with one of our folder templates or creating your own, customize the folder layout to fit your needs. Assign folder color, set the category, choose how the folder panel should present your data.

Folder Reporting

You can choose which fields to include for PDF report generation. Individual folder entries can be printed or emailed. Folder content can also be exported in Json and CSV format for external reporting purposes.

Message Board

Use the message board to collaborate and keep in contact with team members or share you own thoughts on you personal message board. Use comments to start a conversation.


Surveys are a great way to collect some actionable information from your team members. Surveys integrate with folders. It's just a matter of creating a folder where the survey responses will be stored. Surveys show up on the main dashboard so the user will see them first thing. Once the survey is complete it will automatically be removed from the team members dashboard.


We've worked hard to integrate the different pieces where it made sense. Create a team then immediately start creating events, surveys and post to the message board for the entire team.


Create personal and share documents with your team members. Multiple documents can be open at one time with our tabbed interface.

File Sharing

Upload personal files or files to be shared with team members. With file stats you can see who has downloaded the file.


Rapid Sprout folders also have a companion iOS app for managing your folders on the go. You can link folders to local events or notifications. It's a universal app so it'll run on your phone or tablet.
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Responsive Design

You want your site to look good and be responsive. You shouldn't have to choose between function and form. When you come to Rapid Sprout from a desktop browser or a mobile browser it should still function and be responsive irrespective of the browser.

What's next?

We're always looking to improve our product. Got a need or idea we're here to listen.

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